Saturday, April 2, 2011


As an avid Facebook user, I usually find myself being tagged through lots of unwanted, barely needed and much questionable applications, used by lots of my Facebook friends.

Lots of these applications are pretty much nonsensical and when usually most of them can be fun or worth your free time, I find that lately, quite a number of them are growing to be really really annoying and increasing your notifications with, well, pretty much useless notifications.

When I decided to vent my anger out about these annoyances, I found out that most of the applications are tagging other Facebook users automatically, which means that most of the users didn't really realized that they are allowing the applications to automatically tagging/getting information from their friends, hence the bugging and the useless notifications.

But really, to allow such things to happen, one must really allow the applications to be put to use, which also means that, the very person using the applications are to be blamed for the annoyances, am I right or, am I right?

Some of the applications can be fun and hilarious, yes, I get the idea. But when it comes to a group of mature Facebook users using applications such as "Know Your Personality By Birth Month/Blood Type so on & so forth", that is just, cliche and lame.

Can we be that desperate to know about our own selves by checking these applications out? And even worse, allowing them bugging our friends by automatic tagging?

Seriously, if the persons using such applications are still naive, curious young persons trying to discover about himself/herself, it's acceptable to me but when the maturer ones are doing the same as if they still don't even know who the hell they are inside, by using those applications?

That is just freaking nonsensical man.

Those things some supposedly matured people would do just to GET TO KNOW THEIR SORRY, LAME ARSE SELF.


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