Monday, April 4, 2011


Aku tak tengok Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian yang disiarkan kat TV3 live dari Genting Highlands pada 3/4/2011 sebab aku leka nengok MotoGP kat litar Jerez, Spain. Tapi daripada sorang opismet, aku diberitau pasal gelagat pecah perut Usop Wilcha & Abi Hurairah masa nak mengumumkan pemenang Bintang Popular 2010, Shaheizy Sam.

Aku rasa yang dicalonkan pun tak sempat nak saspen atau berdebar jauh sekalilah rasa nak ada rama-rama dalam perut sebab dah 2 watak Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah ni menggamatkan suasana...

Serius tak tahan, antara yang terbaik... Lawak kaw-kaw daripada Usop Wilcha & Abi Hurairah [cuma sayang Johan Raja Lawak tak disebut sebagai Abi Hurairah masa segmen ni disiarkan, sebaliknya sebagai Johan dan Usop Wilcha pulak...]


I hate it when drivers on the road just can't seem to give signals on where the hell they are going.

Yeah I get it, some people are born as damn real good drivers but the truth is, not every one, even one in every 10K persons around, are born with telepathic abilities, that they can read whatever the hell on others' minds [even if I can, I won't read other people's minds - that's just, gonna be bugging my life!] in order to avoid collisions whatsoever.

I'm not Spiderman, hence I can't get my spider-sense tingling prior to any accidents *eyes rolling*

The thing is, what really bugs me is, some people may have the coolest cars around or having the most state-of-the-art technology/gadgets in their cars but they still fail to use this one particular damn thing called SIGNAL.

I think using the signal may have caused them great amount of fortunes or even their legs or arms since most of these selfish, reckless drivers are being way too reluctant when it comes to using them prior to changing lanes or taking corners.

What's even more annoying is that there are big, I mean, BIG automobiles built so BIG that their signal bulbs ended up looking like a pair of bug eyes.

Why can't they put bigger signals to these BIG automobiles? It's gonna cost them the battery life or something?

I've had my fair share of these thoughtless [or shall I say, STUPID? and SELFISH?] drivers on the road. For instance, I was riding on this one particular car's right side 'cause I wanted to turn to my right going downtown when this driver suddenly turned right, taking a sharp, sudden turn to his right, causing me to almost losing my control [alhamdulillah I didn't, but who knows I'm not that lucky next time?].

It all happened in a blink of an eye - and he didn't even bothered to use his precious car's signal!

What if he hit me? What if I fall or even worse, was dragged and left to die 'cause he was too chicken to admit that it was his bloody fault?

Alhamdulillah nothing happened to me but man was I in a great shock!

Few years of riding experiences has been helpful, along with the Almighty's power in helping me avoiding any accidents.

But my left hand re-flexed by itself.

It raised high and my middle finger raised too, all happen in an instance.

It was totally reflex, dude, I didn't mean no harm!

Besides, I think you truly deserved it, for being so selfish and unable to use your car's signal at the first place.

You should be thankful I'm a gal, if I were a man, I don't think you'd even survive by now! *evil thoughts*

The moral of the story is, if you can't use your car's signal, you might as well be dead yourself.


Sunday, April 3, 2011


Jangan tinggalkan aku
Jangan kau berlalu
Wahai Ahad yang syahdu
Aku masih sayang kamu

Cepat benar engkau pergi
Aku masih mahu kau di sini
Melayan indah & cantikmu
Wahai Ahad dengarlah rintihanku!

* Cepat tul masa berlalu sekarang kan? Hmmm...

Saturday, April 2, 2011


As an avid Facebook user, I usually find myself being tagged through lots of unwanted, barely needed and much questionable applications, used by lots of my Facebook friends.

Lots of these applications are pretty much nonsensical and when usually most of them can be fun or worth your free time, I find that lately, quite a number of them are growing to be really really annoying and increasing your notifications with, well, pretty much useless notifications.

When I decided to vent my anger out about these annoyances, I found out that most of the applications are tagging other Facebook users automatically, which means that most of the users didn't really realized that they are allowing the applications to automatically tagging/getting information from their friends, hence the bugging and the useless notifications.

But really, to allow such things to happen, one must really allow the applications to be put to use, which also means that, the very person using the applications are to be blamed for the annoyances, am I right or, am I right?

Some of the applications can be fun and hilarious, yes, I get the idea. But when it comes to a group of mature Facebook users using applications such as "Know Your Personality By Birth Month/Blood Type so on & so forth", that is just, cliche and lame.

Can we be that desperate to know about our own selves by checking these applications out? And even worse, allowing them bugging our friends by automatic tagging?

Seriously, if the persons using such applications are still naive, curious young persons trying to discover about himself/herself, it's acceptable to me but when the maturer ones are doing the same as if they still don't even know who the hell they are inside, by using those applications?

That is just freaking nonsensical man.

Those things some supposedly matured people would do just to GET TO KNOW THEIR SORRY, LAME ARSE SELF.


Friday, April 1, 2011


Sebetulnya aku teringin gak buat blog aku sehensem blog orang lain.

Cuba punya cuba macam-macam last-last aku kemaruk pulak buat macam-macam, bila berjaya letak butang Share kat Facebook & butang Like yang akan link ke Facebook jugak.

Malangnya tahapa ke badi tah, aku langsung tak berjaya letak feature Read More kat blog aku. Nak kata tangan tak bedung mak aku dulu memang bedung aku baek punye tak longgar pun!

Hmmm... tah le. Memang malang kot nasib beta. Tahlah.

Agaknya camni la muka aku daripada malam semalam bila cuba figure out camne nak kasi blog aku se-cambest orang lain punya... Niat tak betul gamaknya...
Tula sibuk sangat nak ikut2 orang buat apa Kimi oi?
[Gambar ehsan Google search]

Bila saja aku terasa cam putus asa, tetiba aku terperasan ada blogger yang berpendirian bahawa feature Read More ni, belum tentu memberikan kebaikan pada pembaca blog atau orang-orang yang baru berjinak-jinak dengan aktiviti blog walking, terutamanya yang komputernya kurang laju atau yang kurang berpengetahuan dalam bidang IT dan aplikasinya.

So I guess in every misfortunes, there are actually lots of blessings in disguise.

Takpelah, biar je blog aku biasa-biasa je. Aku pun orangnya biasa-biasa juga kan ;)