Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Some people can be very, very creative in making their pathetic lives much more interesting.

Some make it very clear - they go dig & sell out other peoples' dirty secrets, shameful stuff and such.

Some make it very annoying - they'd go shamelessly merciless to other people, especially people like me, who happens to be so not interested in being like them and ended up being pulau-ed [sorry i can't find the right word].

Some make it very nerve-wrecking - this might come in shapes like, incessantly loud speaking [remind you of empty can, i suppose?], or never ending repeats of annoying, nasal voiced songs while singing along in an awesomely bad voice [imagine:a bear in pain after accidentally stepping into a bear trap, you get the idea] and drumming along with whatever available in their hands [now i wish one of the things available are grenades!] and etc...

Whatever it is, i could only wish that i have the utmost brilliance of mind and of course, the ability to stay patient even though it kills me inside for not being able to do anything much, living in the endless ocean of these people.

God, help me.

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