Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Hi, it's been awhile *i know i know*...

Today is my sick day. Seriously, I'm sick. Due to a ruthless, incessantly recurring mensus pain and a terrible aching body suffering from symptoms of cold.

But most importantly, I'm just sick of well, every single thing.

There are some people who are just beyond me - I know I'm not that smart but I do know that no one with a sound mind, would want to fall sick and/or pretended to be sick when they are really, really sick they couldn't come to work.

It's not a rocket science - it's just happened, you know. When you're not capable of carrying yourself to work, how are you supposed to be able perform your work then?

That's numero uno.

Secondly, if you're sick, you're not suppose to go online, especially this place, 'cause you'd be seen as capable & healthy enough to go to work.

Well, have you ever been sick & ended up feeling well but when you try to function as usual you'd feel sick again in the instant?

Whose fault is that?

And have you ever been in the office only to find yourself in the most troublesome situation where you're so uncomfortably sick but you have to hold it inside 'cause your boss or colleagues keep bugging you for urgent stuff?

So,... am I wrong if I choose to stay at home?

And the Internet is, free, in terms of no limitations imposed to use it at any time [as compared to the cyber cafes] so it's not weird if I'm online but I'm not online 'cause I'm actually lying down to rest my unhealthy, aching body, right?

Well people, thanks for the so-called concern but no thanks - I usually get by with pretty much everything I have in life so your so-called concern is not that much useful to me.

Not that I'm being a snob or ungrateful after people showing their so-called concern but if they do it just for the sake of fun prying into my life and doing nothing much useful, I'd strongly suggest these :-

1. GET YOUR OWN BLOODY LIFE, if you happen to find that you don't have one.

Apparently, other peoples lives are boring too, and just not worth your precious time actually. Ever heard of the old adage "Life is short"? Or perhaps, you want me to show it to you? 'Cause I'd be more than glad to help *evil grin*

2. STOP ACTING [like you care], YOU SUCK

That's why you can never be a Hollywood actor, you can't act to save your own bloody arse!

3. QUIT DOCTORING ME [I ain't your child!]

That's why you are what you are now - you don't read medicine hence you don't know other peoples' health or condition so let the experts do their jobs. Leave their jobs to 'em.

Okay okay, now my tummy's cramping out again. Time to hit the sack.

Til next time & thanks for reading.

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