Monday, November 22, 2010


I had to go to work this morning, through the rain.

It may not be a heavy-pouring one but I still have to put my raincoat and pants on, just in case.

There seem to be another trouble, besides the drizzling rain.

My helmet's visor is pitch black, I can't see well if I cover my face.

And I must cover my face from the rain - God knows what are the things in the raindrops - I can't let 'em splashing on my face 'cause it'll not only make my mascara and black eyeliner bleed but also, it'll make my skin itches like hell after that.

So, I decided to still put my big-sized, usual shades on, even though the day itself is kinda gloomy.

After putting my handkerchief in a burglar style on, I put on my helmet, leaving the visor only covering 1/3 of my face, and revved the engine up.

Okay, everything's set - so off I went to work, riding the bike by myself, through the drizzling rain.

Mind you, even if it's only a drizzle but it still is painful to your uncovered skin, when you're moving on a bike.

Anyway, I was supposed to be able to have a relatively smooth ride but I ended up slowing down most time because I couldn't see a bloody thing!

My shades were kinda fogged from my breathing and from the heat of my face.

But I can't take 'em off - that'll only make my face hurt from the raindrops and of course, the itch it'll caused is just unbearable after that!

So, I was late not because of the rain but pretty much of the fog on the inside of my shades *sigh*

It was supposed to cover my eyes from the raindrops but now it's becoming the threat itself...

That was when I realize I must get a lighter shade of black shades to help me get through the rain or when riding during the night [I have kinda sensitive eyes so you get the picture why I wanna use a pair of shades if I have to ride during the nights]

I actually hate shopping - most of my stuff were bought and given to me by other people actually.

Now I must find ways to get those shades *determined face*

Err,... can anyone get 'em for me - I can't go to the mall 'cause my fat legs are heavy enough to lift themselves, let alone to bring my whole body =^_^= thanks!

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