Friday, November 26, 2010


I had to rush this morning since I woke up late.


So after rushing to get to the elevator [in Malaysia we easily call it 'lift', and I really wonder why at most of the times] I had to wait for the elevator to reach my floor.

To much of my dismay, all three elevators were all occupied, all of a sudden, at one time and it irked me a great deal since they were all from the ground floor altogether!

The next ordeal [okay okay, I know I'm just exaggerating like I always loved to do but hey, I guess everyone's entitled to do just that sometimes right?] was just more 'exciting'.

They were all going up, to the highest floor and went down, skipping my floor, just like that.


Upon reaching the ground floor, another surprise awaited me.

At the first floor, just a measly one floor above the ground floor, the lift stopped, and one bloody fat lady, holding a mop [she's one of the hygiene/cleaning personnel for the block I'm residing in and she usually mops the elevators' floor and sweeping the corridors for each floor], slowly entering the elevator like she has all the time in the world and savoring each bit of life while doing it.

I could only grit my teeth in great dismay, seeing the whole point of the picture.

No wonder you're bloody fat. Even it's just a measly one floor down to the ground floor, you still refuse to use the stairs.

News for you lady, exercise, will always do you good. But prior to that, I think you must get your head checked first, so that you know what keeps you from doing the right thing so that you could at least do your sorry self a huge favor by going down the stairs - if you refuse to do some other heavier workouts.

Isn't life just beautiful?

Not that I'm being melodramatic but sometimes, some things are just pretty much beyond comprehension.

But I'm glad at least, I'm able to see things at a wider angle, than I'm used to.

Thanks for a lot of 'great' others, I'm able to improve my serious self.

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