Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Is not from the nerve-wrecking toothache, nor spinning headache or gut-wrenching tummy ache.

It comes from loving someone you can never have.

Especially when that person knows you love him/her too damn well and you kept seeing that person, day in day out.

[You kept seeing that person] not because he/she is a ghost or wandering, lost soul; but because he/she is your own best friend and you always have him/her around you, helping you cope through the bad times and celebrating your good times, even if it kills both of you..

Listening to what you have to say, even he/she might be opposing it.
Laughing at your jokes, no matter how bad the jokes are.
Crying his/her heart out 'cause he/she is feeling helpless after knowing that you are in trouble but he/she can't help you due to lots of obstacles.
Cajoling your anxious, nervous and hurt heart while you pour your darkest secrets, highest hopes and deepest fears out.
Believing in you, even when your lowest self doubt is at its highest.

Sometimes, people are meant to fall for each other but they are just not meant to be together.

Is it just me, or it's getting even more depressing, to go on thinking about finding the best answer, about this topic?

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