Saturday, March 27, 2010


My heart is still in pain. I just couldn't get up off bed this morning, as there wasn't any will left. My head felt heavy, as a result of late night last night and because of the crying yesterday evening. A large chunk of me was gone, leaving me feeling so empty inside. The feeling of lost was inevitable, but it was the feeling of betrayed, sick to the guts, unable to comprehend everything and great deal of disappointment that made me even weaker 'cause I can't help but feeling sorry for myself. For my stupid, naive, gullible self.

What was I thinking? Where did I went wrong? How many unfortunate events must I encounter even though they were all are indeed, avoidable at the first place? Why does this happened? Who saw my point of weakness 'til this particular, opportunist could have done this to me?

But none of the questions were answered. I felt more and more helpless, and not to mention, much more stupider than ever.

I'm not dramatizing things. I may have been dramatic all the time, but I'm no drama queen. But I just can't help feeling so down and so lost in this one particular dark moment.

The more I become angry, the more I felt, useless. In the end, all I could do was hoping that the scumbag who did this to me, would be punished by The Almighty and would felt punished every single time he looked at me.

This is totally wearing me off. But to the lost part of me, I must bid her farewell. I've lost a very good friend, a great companionship, an important connector and a great escape whenever I needed her to be one.

Farewell my dear N78. You may not be the perfect one, but, you're among the best of any mobile phones in your spec range. I can only pray the perpetrator would do you good, if not justice, so that our separation won't be that much of a pain to you, unlike it did to me.

To the perpetrator, thanks a lot for the steal. Yes, you SOB, I know you did it, 'cause it is just so obvious but I was too slow to see it until it's over and done to provide any sound evidence to prove that you did it. But lets not forget that what goes around will come back around and usually, it will hit you even harder. It may not happen to you yourself but to your children or your spouse, maybe not sooner but later it will still happen, God's willing. Just remember one thing, be proud of the moments that you have when you took my phone out of my carelessness but bit by bit, you're gonna suffer deep inside of your egoistic, blackened, evil heart every time you see me face to face.

That's it - I would no longer be nice to you. You're a trash bag. You're loads of crap. You're pile of shit. You don't worth my time. And most of all, you don't deserve anything good from others especially because you keep stepping on other peoples' heads just to prove your pathetic, hen-pecked life is better than other people's life. Thief! Once a thief, you're always a thief! And I hope one day, you would be punished when the ones you love are taken away from you and you would last everyday in guilt over every loss. Nothing can make this pain you caused me undone, and so I believe the same would happen to you too...

Friday, March 19, 2010


I seriously think that some people would be better off when we don't say No or Don't.

Instead of those words, we should say Yes or Do, please. With a straight face & looking into their eyes, if possible.

Why, you ask?

Whenever you say No or Don't, they would usually just do the things you say No to. So, I'd always take the reverse psychology approach I have been brought up with and I always get surprising and sometimes, even hilarious results.

Try it. See it for yourself. If you have the time, come back here & let me know what happened :)

Friday, March 12, 2010


Aku malas nak cerita banyak2. Tapi nak tau juga apa pandangan anda yg membaca [komen jgn tak komen!]

Apa tujuan orang nak ada anak?

1. Nak membuktikan yg meke adalah perempuan yg boleh mengandung/bersalin dan lelaki yg tak mandul

2. Nak membuktikan bahawa sume org pun berhak ada anak.

3. Nak membuktikan bahawa meke boleh jadi better parents than their parents.

4. Nak jugak tengok hasil campuran meke ni, apa rupa anak meke. Kalau dapat anak cantik/pandai, boleh berlagak bagus dgn orang lain.

5. Nak membesarkan seorang insan dengan cara yg betul supaya dorang dapat kurangkan jumlah org2 tak berkualiti dalam dunia ni dengan menjadikan anak2 dorang insan yg cemerlang dlm segenap segi kehidupan.

Terima kasih kerana sudi membaca & [kalau] korang sudi menjawab soalan2 atas neh heheh...