Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I realized it's been so long I haven't write in my blog like I used to. Like in previous entries, I would usually blame that on FB.

Anyway, I'm feeling kinda sad leaving 2009, simply because it would mean that I'm getting another year older. Ugh.

Happy New Year dear friends. Hope this year we would get better in everything we do. I hope that I'd be a better, happier & more relaxed person. Which also means that I must learn how to let go all the little, unimportant things and learn to keep my head clear so that it won't add me any more lines in the face.

*lean back* Ahh... Oh yeah, smile more. Let all the stupidities go. Let all other people's mistakes towards me go. Let all others' fault towards me go.

These aren't my new year resolutions. It's more like learning to be a more patient person.

Weirdly, I feel it already.

Not the ease of mind. But the heavy feelings in my heart.

Whoa. Those are hard to achieve. But I guess reaching to Stage One of the process wouldn't hurt either.

Okay, back to FB.

Thanks for reading dear :)

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