Tuesday, November 3, 2009


During the hiatus [so-called, lah!] of blogging, I noticed how plenty there were to be told about in this blog. Deciding whether or not it should be done in writing, is really something else :)

Let me start with a little story about courtesy.

Not gonna nag or something but, I really think that somehow some people just fail to see the importance of being courteous to others.

Is there anything wrong with you when you're heavily pregnant, been waiting for the elevator to reach the floor you've been standing on since like, 5-10 minutes ago and you felt like so tired because of your condition + the situations difficulties, that you'd simply just burst into the elevator because you know that people would give you way since you are oh so obviously heavily pregnant? I guess not.

But there is really something wrong when you failed to do even the simplest thing you can do - saying "Excuse me" or "Thank you" after people gave you way in or out, or even when you asked someone to push the button of the floor you are going to.

Now, now, you must be judging me, or shall I say, accusing me for being unnecessarily particular about these things?

I just don't get it, you know...

Oh, I'm the bad person now, huh?

I'm the bad person of highlighting the importance of being courteous and the lacking of it could cause the downfall of morality of our people since their own mothers just could care less about it?

Yeah, talking about taking the lead by example.

Anyone can do the Maths, dear...

I know, I myself isn't the best example in this matter. I myself have the tendency to curse in English when I'm angry or upset. If I can't do it verbally, I'd hear the words echoing in my head until the anger is over. It's always been that. I'm only human, okay? I still need to vent out my anger in some way. It must be a harmless one.

But I won't forget to say "Please,..." or "I'm so sorry but I really need your help,..." or "Thank you very much" whenever I need someone to help me, or when someone offer me something - a simple favor like holding the door for me.

Why you ask?

Because it's just, priceless. Ever heard anyone being charged monetarily for being courteous or grateful? I never heard of it.

And it's just being appreciative for other people's kindness. It means that we are aware of what other people are doing for us. If you are lucky, you would really notice things about people - if you keep living in your own Utopian world where everything is all about you, then don't be surprised if one day you'd lose your wallet or mobile phone because you are so busy living in your extremely beautifully perfect, non-existence world.

Besides, we show examples to our children or younger generations. In my case, I always had to watch my own actions and hold my tongue when my siblings are around, especially Adiba - she's a sponge! She absorbs quickly about almost everything bad, comparing to studying or when it comes to the positive things.

So don't be angry or raving mad when one day, your children whom you've carried for 9 months and which you faced the excruciating, unexplainable [but weirdly, quickly forgotten, hehehe...] labor pain just to bring them to this world, are rude, or ungrateful to you.

These are the reasons to believe that what goes around will come back around.

Usually, more painful than you know.

Thanks for the time!

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