Tuesday, November 3, 2009


My eyes are rolling in pure cynicism as I typed the title of this entry.

Hola everyone - thanks for being so unbelievably patient waiting for my updates [yeah right *eyes rolling again*]

I must blame my ahem, absence from blogging as usual these lately, from Ramadhan, to be exact. The thing is, the FB attractions were beyond beliefs. It's so damn powerful, I must have it everyday. It's my drug. My canned spinach. My daily dosage of anti-depressant. My must have dosage of caffeine. Or something like that.

It's just pretty awesome. And dangerous at the same time.

Okay, okay, back to the main reason of this entry.

Just saying hello again, and I really hope I can really pull this off this time around.

Though nothing beats the fun and the crap outta me of FB, but I never thought how much I'd miss writing.

Guess I'm, back?

:) ... Thanks for the time and for your patience with me.

And thanks a lot for the reading, too...

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