Friday, November 6, 2009


Since the significant change to my diet these lately, someone in my office praised my efforts to stay healthy by eating oatmeal as my breakfast and dinner, on daily basis as one way of starting it with. She [I'd name her as Ms. Z] wondered at the same time the reason behind of the change and I simply answered it's because I really have to change my diet to improve my overall health. I may have sounded so ambitious but I decided that this time I'm gonna make it real.

Anyway, as one thing led to another, we ended up spilling our hearts out about one thing bothering me this lately. Mr. S kept telling me to let things just go but I would be burned in hell for lying that it doesn't mess my head even a bit.

It all started when I told Ms. Z that I looked kinda pregnant when I am so not and how it affects the whole image of me in other people eyes. It's really painful and disheartening when other people who doesn't even have nothing to do with you take a real good look at your overall image [that is from head to toe], not knowing about your capabilities/knowledge/skills and they can only see your bloated, plump round stomach and quickly assumed that you are pregnant by asking "How long have you been pregnant?"

I just don't know what to say - these people really got the nerve to mess with me when they don't even know me, let alone have anything to do with me - in terms of blood or whatsoever!

The main thing is it's not that I'm deeply affected about the childless state I'm in right now by comparing myself with the girls I know got married more later than me but already pregnant by now, but it's more about the shallowness that people tend to show to judge me by my outer appearance.

It is bad enough to talk about other person's personal, private matters like that, and these people just don't care about the loudness of their obnoxious voice that would simply attract other people to look at you and listen to their crap, so stupid sounding questions as if you owed your life to them!

Look - you are fatter, uglier, stupider than me so please, don't do that just because you wanna make yourself feeling so much better when the reality is you are so jealous of other people's lives [one of them is me].

It's gonna make you look even fatter [even if you think you're not that fat], even uglier and even more stupid than ever.

Than anyone else.

Trust me when I say that.

Just pray to God Almighty that one day you won't be dead because of your own ignorance and utter stupidity.

Believe me - you really should do that.

Thanks for the time & the reading...


sherin said...

ahaaa.. diet yeaaa... bagus..bagus.. Chaiyo!Chaiyo! Chaiyo!.. teruskan usaha mu..

our body.. lantak la kan kita nak buat apa pun as long as kita happy wit it... diet ke tak nak ke.. sendiri mau hengat laa..

akak happy jek.. walaupun body maintain gebu.. ahaks!.. diet nak mampus pun tetap gebu.. so akak amik keputusan.. 'wat eve...' tp dlm masa yg sama stil hati2 gak bile makan.. takut terover .. itu jek...

k1m1_KaeMoS said...

yg lawak, org lain yg susah ati tengok kita cam la kita susahkan idup dia kan?

susah nya jadi ikan emas ni... cantik ke tak cantik ke mesti org pandang dan tengok... sedangkan diri sendiri tak ke mana kat situ juga mata terlepas batin terseksa... wooo wooo wooo...