Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I got this "painful" list from a friend.

Why "painful", you ask?

It's simply because knowing the truth about what you eat isn't always a sun-shiny day thing like that, you know.

Hate to admit that almost everything I love eating are all the things I shouldn't eat because it'd turn to "poison" to my body.

Now, now,... you might wanna pass the judgment about me being oh so naively believing the list 100%, right?

Wrong - I decided to do what I think, the best for me as a good start of living healthily.

Being a chubby, easy eater since childhood, I find it's really hard to believe my eyes reading the list. I can't eat almost everything I ever love! Potatoes, tomatoes, cheese, anchovies, bananas, papayas, mangoes, wheat flour - oh the list is just too painful to take!

*S I G H*

Never mind, I thought. This might be the best thing I could start with - knowing what to eat and what's not and try to comply to it, might help me in improving my health.

It might even answered all you people's curiosity over my faux baby bump!

Oh, if you happen to be wanting for the list, give me your email address. I just don't have the time nor will to paste it here.

Thanks for the time!

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