Saturday, September 5, 2009


It's been like, ages for me to update this blog it becomes so dusty now *dust dust*...

Oh, I wish I could have like, 10 computers or something at the same time so that I can do almost all the things I wanted to online.

But I guess, that'd be totally like, catastrophic.

Anyway, I've been kinda busy these lately, with, err,... things.

Like the office's ISO audit, yeah - the spring cleaning, the shredding, the keeping, this and that - my left thumb sore so much and both of my arms kept shivering for days, as the result of the so-called hard work.

I know, I know... *sigh* You might end up rolling your eyes and say, "Kimi & hard work? As if..."

But what can I say, I really am that damn busy. Well, apart from being drifted in FB in the same time lah...

This might've been like, sooooo late but I wanna take this opportunity to wish all Muslims a good Ramadhan this year. May all the good deeds goes on until after Aidil Fitri and for years to come.

At the same time, Happy 52nd National Day for fellow Malaysians, no matter where they are. Don't forget the 5 and I really hope that we would stay in freedom from any form of penjajahan for always. Especially for my own.

Back to FB for now... And the endless chores, at the same time.


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