Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Poster courtesy of wikipedia

Went to GSC Mid Valley Mega Mall on the last Saturday to watch this fourth installment of the supernatural/horror series.

Hate to admit that it gave me hibikejibis after watching it.


But it's really a good watch, compared to the previous three.

And it's a good reminder, too, like in Islam teaching - always remember about death, for it is always on time and cannot be avoided.

It also served as a good reminder about how important for us to always be aware about our surroundings, in order to prevent freak accidents from happening.

Pain is inevitable, but suffer is optional.

[You] really should try watch it - it may not be the best movie ever made but, it's great in it's own way...

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sherin said...

huh! ari tu tgk iklan jek pun dah ngeri.. huhuhuhu... mmg niat nk tgk tp takut laa...