Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Man, I must be really fed up with the scenarios surrounding my life nowadays that I managed to came up with this idea of a list of the things I hope people don't come up to me to talk about or even have the nerve to ask me about.

[I totally blame the boredom to TM *pfft!*]

Call me a weirdo or simply different for not complying to the so-called norms and standards of being in the so-called good society - I just don't need another crab to tell me how to walk in a straight line.

The things are as follows.

1. The questions of the true facts about the late Yasmin Ahmad's gender - biologically or socially.

It's just so unacceptable when you are talking about someone who has just passed away, let alone to let to let others around you to know about your so-called opinions about her, as if you really know her personally, in and out.

No - please, don't come to me and talk about it, unless you want me to speak until your stupid brain becomes so swollen and numb in your own stupidity, ignorance and lack of respect for the deceased.

Unless you yourself like the idea of being talked about in so many different versions of tall-tales when you're already dead, please, put yourself in her family's shoes and respect their feelings.

I'm not a fan of arwah, though I always liked her artwork. It's just so not okay to talk about someone especially when the person's dead, and you don't even know the person. Spare your gossip-mongering somewhere else, if you are just so lazy to get your stupid brain enlightened with straightened facts about something.

2. The questions about the real causes of the late Michael Jackson's mysterious, sudden death and whether or not he bleached his skin in order to become fairer, instead of using Fair & Lovely whitening cream which is cheaper and less harmful compared to the alleged acidic skin lightener MJ's been using.

Like arwah Yasmin, I'm also not a fan of MJ, I just happen to like some of his songs and have always liked his creativities in coreography, videography and voice projection. But that's it - don't ask me more than that - what makes you think that I was with him in his rented house when he collapsed, unconcious and was pronounced dead after that, to answer your curiosity?

3. Questioning me about why I read a copy of Kama Sutra e-book while you were dispatching letters to my workstation.

While you think I was a perverted, bad person, you were prying about my activities and were unashamed to be in my personal spaces, disturbing me with your meddlesome attitude. Wait - why the hell you even dare to look at my flat screen as if it's your bloody business? What did I owe you anyway, man? What did I do to you as if you have the rights to simply intrude my personal spaces?

Stop being a bloody, self-righteous bitch, ok? Nobody likes that kinda attittude.

Note: the word B I T C H is also applicable to guys who just couldn't help themselves from behaving like stated above, and not just chicks. [I'm trying to prevent myself from being a sexist here.]

Nobody likes you that much either. They were just being nice because they were just complying to the so-called norms and standards that they've been seeing you doing, and not more than that.

In case you don't understand my rusty English - I'll translate it in BM, as softly as I could.

Berhentilah jadi orang yang perasan diri tu baik sangat sampai rasa berhak untuk ceroboh ruang peribadi orang lain.

Kalau kau ada peluang pun, kau akan buat juga. Janganlah tipu.

4. Questioning me about my childless state for the time being and even try to teach me things as if I don't have my own brain that I can't think for my own self.

If you think that that topic is so cool to talk about just because you have a child recently that you think you're so damn smart and that you were so right about just everything about parenting, you are just so wrong.

It's not like everyone is shameless like you - to talk about such things with just anyone.

You should've seen that not everyone is 'happy' to talk shamelessly about their vagina/the happiness of being married and having free sex anytime like you. *smirk*

The list could go on. But this is just for the time being...

I'm not asking for the stars if people want to approach and talk to me. I myself hated clever conversations, being a not so clever person. But please, use your bloody free-of-charge God-lent brain just before you even want to use your tongue.

"Jangan jadi orang bodoh sombong. Bodoh tak boleh nak diajar, sombong pulak tu bila orang nak tolong betulkan kesilapan. Alamatnya sampai bila-bila pun akan jadi orang yang bodoh tak boleh nak diajar, pandai tak boleh nak diikut. Biar berfaedah sikit jadi manusia tu.

Those are the words my mother used to say to me whenever she nagged at me when I was younger, stupider and much more, ignorantly rebellious.

Guess she was right.

She has always been right. I see what she means now.

Thanks for reading about the things I hated so dreadfully, and lets just hope that these sensational controversies about arwah Yasmin Ahmad & Michael Jackson's deaths would quickly be dead and gone.

Al-Fatihah to YA & MJ, and especially to Ahmad Munir Mohamad Salim - may you get all the things you weren't able to get to do when you were alive, after much failure and sadness we caused you.


rhafrina said...

ya... u're so rite...
mrk yg di dlm list itu mmg sgguh tkde keje n so annoying..

k1m1_KaeMoS said...

hi rhafrina - thanks sudi singgah.

memang menyakitkan ati sebab orang2 sebegini suka sangat mengganggu kita.

bukan nak kata apalah, tapi heran gak kadang bila kita tengokkan orang2 yg macam ni - solat 5x sehari tak tinggal, tengok cam baik je, konon tutup aurat sangat, tapi pantang bila ada peluang, mesti nak menyibuk2 hal orang... pe kes?

ingatkan kalau amal ibadat tu tak tinggal dan bukan main lagi hebat sampai time solat pun setiap bacaan dia kita pun boleh dengar, perangai tu pun elok la jugak.

tapi hampeh. tu la dapatnya kalau riak je lebih.

benci sungguh aku orang2 cani. cakap apapun macam dia je baik dan betul, tapi hakikatnya?