Monday, August 10, 2009


Was tired like hell after organizing my kitchen, all by myself while Mr. S's gone to work double shift last Saturday.

Fell asleep on the couch after all the house chores, I woke up all so suddenly, sweating like crazy. Guessed the air conditioner didn't get to the couch or I wasn't sleeping long enough to be cooled down by the AC.

Got up and bathed and watched the TV afterward. Star Movies was airing The Ramen Girl, a story about a US girl who's dumped by her boyfriend while they were in Japan and being so desperately unable to accept the truth, Abby [played by Brittany Murphy] waited for her boyfriend to come back, believing that he'd come back eventually.

She found herself and her purpose of life in a ramen shop after eating there.

I thought the ramen looked so good and delicious, minus the fact that the ramen had pork slices in it. Ugh.

Being so influenced by the big bowl of ramen she'd eaten, I got into the kitchen. Grab and throw few this and that and walla - my own bowl of curry-flavoured Maggi noodles, with shallot strips and smashed garlic, with one egg. Heaven.

I know it's no ramen but - heck, I didn't care at all.

I was hungry as hell, man. Besides, there's nothing else in the kitchen. Haven't got the time to replenish the groceries yet.

I settled in front of the TV, watching the end of The Ramen Girl, where Abby's been successful in being the successor of her sensei's ramen business, while the piping hot Maggi was driving me insane with the aroma.


Had to spent the next 5 minutes just to clear the broth from any dead ants.

I didn't see that coming. Ugh.

Ate the noodles, nevertheless. Minus the stupid dead ants, of course.

That's what you get when you watch food movies/shows when you're darn hungry, cook when you're hungry and when you were just too lazy to turn the kitchen light on.

Especially when you know so well that the instant noodles packet could be retrieved by ants easily and you should have checked them thoroughly before tossing the noodle cake into the broth.

Served me right, eh?

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