Monday, August 10, 2009


Went home to my parents' on the warm, beautifully bright Sunday, 9 August 2009.

Abah wasn't around since he's gone to a catering assignment in Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam, Leha's went off to work and Hanis went out to MV, leaving Mak with tons of housework, alone. Lucky Amil and Adiba's no longer small children or else, Mak would have faced more difficult situation juggling between taking care of them and settling the never ending chores.

We reached home like around, almost 12 and Mak asked me to bring her to the Chow Kit market, to buy things for family meals, later for the day. So off we went, on Abah's EX5. Hahahah... It's been like ages for me to ride on that bike cruising through the winding road of Bukit Tunku and the open roads to Chow Kit.

We used to do just that almost every Sundays, when I was still living with my parents before. Going to the market, buy stuff to be cooked for the day and until the next weekend, reach home and cooked good meal, ate together, me feeding Amil and Adiba [or else they won't eat properly] and taking nap together after a tiring Sunday after that... Ahhh,... the good old days... :)

Anyway, after that hot, scorching afternoon at the market and on the road, we finally reached home and Mak was so suddenly sleepy. She took her nap and I started the cooking - cleaning the fishes and chicken, process the fishes to be cooked in asam pedas [Mak told me that Abah longed to eat the dish], preparing all the raw materials for the asam pedas and sambal tempe, which Mak intended to make.

It took me a while to tune back to cooking such dish. Being on our own, Mr. S and I usually just take away outside foods and eat at home. I'm only able to cook when I'm not that tired or on the weekends only, so when you leave something for quite a long time, the skills and knowledge would simply fade away.

After the dishes were done, Abah's finally home after a hard day's work, we were all cleaned and ready to eat together. We sat in the middle of the living room and eat our heart out.

The asam pedas with kembung fish was kinda good, though it was hot and spicy. Mak's sambal tempe was scorching hot. Mr. S was sweating like crazy while eating. Abah was excited with the asam pedas especially. As for me, I was happy I still can cook it, Amil liked it and Adiba was also eating more than usual.

Went home at ten something. Happy and tired at the same time, I contented for the long gone Sunday, well reminisced.

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