Friday, August 14, 2009


Michael Jackson. A son. A father. A legend. King of Pop. A tragic.
Yasmin Ahmad. A daughter. A mother. A teacher. A director. A thinker. A writer.
Mohd. Asri Ibrahim. A son. A father. A preacher. A teacher. A singer. A voice maestro.

These are some of God's better people. Better in ways we might know or not. Either way, they have one thing in common.

They were some of the beautiful souls.

So beautiful that they were taken so soon, before this dirty, deceitful world taints their souls even further.

Guess that's why they were gone so suddenly.

Which reminds the rest of us - the ends of our lives are so near, we aren't even bothered to notice it's approaching us, each and every day.

Al-Fatihah to them.

For those who were gone, long before them.

And to us - may their stories of lives and deaths serve us as the reminder.

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