Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Call me crazy or camwhore, but I just love taking my own photos...

At first I was curious about my look from different angles in photos, especially in the close range shots.

Then it became a habit. A hard to kicked one, even when my close, loved ones were kinda furious about it - I just can't kick it away. It stuck, just like a bad pimple scar on your face.

Today, I came across an editing tool for pictures called Picasa from Google - trust me when I say this is a very good tool since it's very easy to use...

Not to mention, the finished result looked like I've been some kinda pro or something...

If you look really carefully - you'll know exactly what I mean. Especially when you see me in person almost everyday... :P

Thanks a lot for reading about my craze - the self-spontaneous mobile-photography and of course, the newly found [thanks to KazaKarina Jelita for telling me about this great thing called] PicasaPosted by Picasa

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