Monday, June 22, 2009


Looking back to the days we've passed, things seem to be wild
Looking back to the things we've done, things seem to be insane
Looking back to the words we've spit out, things seem to be loud
But now my friend, tell me why
We are in this kind of music
Tell me my friend, tell me why
Just tell me the truth, on why did you cry
Tell me my friend, tell me what's wrong
Just spit it out, or I might as well be gone
Tell me my friend, tell me how
Just to blurt this bizarre thoughts
That keeps me thinking
and changed me now
I wonder my friend, I wonder and wonder
Yet I have found the answer
So tell me my friend, just tell me
do we really have to live life this way?
I tell you my friend, don't cry for the past
don't even let your time wasted on things that's done,
said, and gone...

Copyright ©2006 Kamelia Mohamad Salim

"This is my poetry that i wrote back in UiTM (I've forgotten the year actually) n i posted it to www.poetry.com (please feel free to click the domain name, in case of any disbelief or doubts about the authenticity of this poetry...) to enter the competition. i was accepted and invited to the semi-final of the competition in the united states but i didn't go coz i couldn't afford it man,...if only there was someone i could approach to help me to get there, i'd be able to experience it myself...

But no regrets,...at least, i did it, didn't i?"

I found this post of mine in my Yahoo! 360 degrees - it's some sort of Yahoo blog... It's been like, forever forgotten... All of sudden this very evening all the memories came back to me - I used to write a lot of poetry back in my studying days...

I used to channel my anger, sadness and negativity in my poems... And it's been so long now...

Let me know what you think, ok?

Thanks for the time & the reading...

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