Wednesday, June 10, 2009


- C U P P A -

pronounced as (guna sukukata/cara sebutan Melayu) : kappa

Simply means 'cup of', i.e. a cup of tea, a cup of coffee.
It's also often used to describe one's favorite subject/s, etc.
Examples of sentences with the word cuppa:-

1. On the weekends, I like sipping on my favorite cuppa chamomile tea, waiting for my mask to work wonders on my face while unwinding myself after a long, tiring weekdays.
- to describe the cup of tea.

2. This particular topic on local artists, is just not my cuppa.
3. The title of the blog explains itself - it simply not for everyone - for straight-to-the-face & brutally honest words are not just anyone's cuppa.
- to describe interest/preference.

[This one goes out to my peeps who's been puzzled with my blog title... Cheers to you guys & thanks for your support!]

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