Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Secretary accidentally bites off boss’ penis

A SECRETARY accidentally bit off the penis of her employer while giving him oral sex in a car.

Sin Chew Daily and China Press reported yesterday that while the 30-year-old woman was performing oral sex on the man, the car was hit by a reversing van.

The impact of the crash, China Press reported, caused the woman to bite off her lover’s organ.

The daily reported that the incident occurred in a Singapore park where the couple met after work.

To make matters worse for the woman, her husband had sent a private investigator to spy on her after suspecting that she was being unfaithful.

The investigator said he had followed the woman and her boss to the park.

“On reaching the park, they did not alight from the car. Not long after, the car started to shake violently.

After the car was hit by the van, there was a loud scream from the woman whose mouth was covered with blood,” he said.

The woman later followed her lover to the hospital with part of the sexual organ.

The investigator, who called an ambulance to send the man to hospital, said that this was the first time he had encountered such an incident.

-- As quoted from http://thestar.com.my --

Apa pendapat kawan2 tentang perkara ni?

a. Memalukan para setiausaha & kaum wanita keseluruhannya [pasal dah terkantoi]

b. Memang berlaku, apa nak heran [cuma tak penah masuk sokaba je]

c. Kesian dia punya kekasih gelap merangkap bosnya sendiri [PA makan senjata tuannya heheh]

d. Camni pun ada? [susah pulak nak percaya...]

heheh...macam2 dunia ini ari...

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